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Интер, Чемпион РКФ, России,  Молдовы, Эстонии, Латвии, Литвы, Болгарии,Чемпион  и  Гранд Чемпион Украины и Белоруссии,  Чемпион Балканских стран, Леонбергер 2008 года в России, Чемпион Федераций (ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС), 15хЛПП (ВОВ) 5хСАСIВ 6хRCACIB

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(  Each photocontest we get  hundreds of photos from leolovers all over the world and it is impossible to

input all of them.  So we have choosen some of the most   interesting to our mind  from each competition )


First Photo Competition "Funny Leo Picture 2009"  -  Final Placing


Maija Kalnberza, Latvia Alena from Moscow Saila Reinikainen, Finland Erika from Estonia

Some other photos of the Contest  



Photo Competition "Funny Leo Picture  2010" -  Final Placing 

List of Competitors

1 place - Lupacova Marie (Czech Republic) with her 2 photos, which have callectedmaximum points and made indispuitable leader of the Contest!

2 place - Maija Kalnberza (Latvia) with one of the funniest photos of the Contest!

86 points "Sleeping" 74 points  "Friends" 71 point  "I like snow!" 

3 place - Lucie Perron (Canada) with 2 of her 7 wonderful "puppy photos" (you can see  more of her photos as the winners in other nominations)

4 place - Perkko Andersson (Finland) with the most amazing photo of the Contest!

67 points  "Puppy puzzle" 65 points   "Snow  Inn" 64 points  "A real Lion amongst Leos"

Some other photos of the Contest 

Photo Competition 2012-2013  Final Placing


1 place - ( Jaroslava Smrhova, Chezh - 129 Your votes)  2 place - Our First meal without Fara Our mom  Who Can rest now ( Isabelle Disneur, Belgium - 124 Your votes)   3 place - It's a Dog's life      ( Jane Wilson,  France - 119 Your votes) 4 place -Yeah, we bring the frisbee! (Good people,   give sustenance to whom much is not sorry!)     ( Annette Kühne, Switzerland - 118 Your votes ) 5 place -Life is real fun! (Day "indiscriminate" disobedience)               ( Valérie Lechanteux, France   - 110 Your votes) 6 place -Teamwork ( Merit Aumre, LeoMAA'EST, Estonia - 107 Your votes  )


 Other photos of the contest 



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