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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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As usual our friends congratulate us with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

( we will add new cards as soon as we get them ) 

Separate THANKS to those who simply congratulsted  us but without Christmas Card:

 Jenny Inwood from England,  Stephanie Palumbo from Italy, Boris and Luba Kaskovy and kennel Amicus Optimus from Russia,  Willi Guellix from Germany, Natalia  and Alexander Kukharskaie, Norris and Klim from St. Petersburg, Russia,  and Donna M.Porter from Vermont, USA,  Linda Svahn from Sweden,  Connie, Jack and the Leos from Dallas, Texas, USA,  Peter Hellewell and Kwenobe from England, Yvonne Eichelberger from Austria,  Guido Perosino from Italy, Elizabetta  Eligon from Italy, Ciara Farrel from England,  Fritz Bangert from Germany,  John McRae from USA,  Stephanie Sandberg from Germany,  Andi Dehghani from USA, Ann and Cherrywoodleos from USA,  Anne Hupel and Leonberg du Bonnie Blue Fang,  Julia Pepper and Acornkennel, Mari Virtaniemi from Finland,  Per Kristian Andersen from Norway,  Sabine Schäfer-Somi, greatest veterinarian from Austria, Sari Ruponen and kennel Pihlatuulen,  Delya Tsvetkovskaya from Moscow, Lapotchkina Natalya and Kora from Moscow, Russia, Audrey Davis from USA, Eija Kallio from Finland,  Astrid Bonn, Gerd and Leos from Germany,  Skipper & Ransom from USA, Agata Wasowska from Poland, Isabelle Desneur,  


Arja, Harry Pirttimma and dogs from Beluna kennel, Finland Saila Reinikainen from Finland Glen & Junko Ferguson from USA Daniela Pavlovska from Czech
Linda Sebastiani and BellaWood gang from England Leonberger SEDMIDOMKY from Czech Elvira Landrock from Germany Wilma, Ben and Domus Corona kennel from Holland

Petra Junehall and Dragongarden kennel from Sweden 

Annette Kuhne from Switzerland Timmy and Patricia van Gucht and Froukje, Jshunka, Sweetie and Peppee from Belgium Andrea Leidl, Rebeka, Millie the collie and Mousse the rabbit from Hungary

Marita and Seppo  and Kinglords kennel from Finland Betsy, Beau & Bear from USA Hein and Metha from France or Holland Corinne Smesman and Daro from Belgium

Ada Quader and Leoaureus from Poland Alena and  Leocarolina Family from USA Karen Heard and Orovale Leos from Canada Stephania Sandberg and Leo v. bernsteinmeer from Germany

Marie-Catherine Wibin from Germany Lara Bohinc and Tsavo Leonbergers from USA Lajos Kardos and Kiserdei kennel  from Hungary
Raili Ahonen  and Matti Ahonen
and our Holy  Birma- Cat and Norweign Forest - Cat from Finland
 Jean Boggie and her team -  front Row Rip (Ryker's son), Gabby (Glitz's daughter), Glitz (11 1/2), and Zuma (Gabby's daughter)
    Back Row  Ryker (Glitz's son), Drushka, Shasta (Drushka's daughter who was Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster) from USA

José María Iturralde Pérez de Arenaza

Du Paradis de Wotan

San Sebastián (Spain)

Andie (Bamse, Paddington and Birdy's Mom) with Chaucer & Sophie at the bridge from USA Anja & Stefan mit Ivo & Neo from Germany 

Tatyana Romanovitch from Ukraine Sandra Rocholl, Belle Amie and Bayou from Germany Tatyana Sarucheva from Moscow Draha Krchova from Czech
Svetlana Lunochkina from Moscow Roger and Marcela Masure and Leos from Belgium

Regine Twellmeyer & Leonberger "von Equitania"

Ludmila Litvinova from Moscow

Od Brdske studanky from Czech Groetjes  van henk, Yvonne en Roos from Holland Sotkovsky Ivan and Kennel Leon Lučiny from Czech Patrik and Ingrid and kennel von Denderlowe from Germany
Christine, Ayla and Iris from Belgium Ramune Balciuniene
Veislynas / Kennel "Absoliuti Idile", Lithuania
Agata Wasowska and kennel Ager Trifolium Leonberger from Poland


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