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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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MONUMENTS TO THE DOGS: Leonberger in Leonberg. Part II




         We asked Maria to tell a couple of words:

      "The  first public bronze Leonberger-Statue standing now in Leonberg (Germany) was made in Hungary 2004 by young and very talanted sculptors Balázs andг Edit Nagy who were commissioned by Eukanuba  and donated to the town in 2005. At the handover ceremony the City council issued a perpetual memorial to the breed with a lot of thanks  for hard work.  It is very interesting for us to speak about this monument, because we worked with it very much. The statue was made by a nice young sculptor and with our professional and technical
help - we are very proud of that . The leonberger male you can see on the fotos is my male (still died in the age of 10 yrs) from our first litter called Aladin v. Sissy-Haus, but we
offered the sculptor-couple a big variety of photos and books of leonberger
and I spoke about the anatomy of the dogs... nice job..."


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Making the sculpture bronze









   Lucky people!!!






        Beginning of the topic "Monuments to the dogs" see in Part I


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