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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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CARTING: Lowenhohle - next stop Hinchingbrooke. Part II


      The LCGB run draught tests which came into effect in 2000 by adapting the original regulations adopted by the Newfoundland club.  There are 5 levels of tests ( from 1 till 5 with very detailed explanations and descriptions in  UK Draught Test Regulations, where 4th is Silver and 5th is Gold level). 

   These tests have been designed to promote team work between the dog and the handler. Dogs may be worked singly or in teams of two dogs, all such teams must be worked side by side.
      Before entering levels 4 & 5, all handlers will be required to produce evidence of a recent health check for their dog carried out by a qualified Veterinary. In addition, before entering for a level 3 all handlers will be bound by the same health check and evidence requirement if their dog is aged 7 or over. Puppies must not be less than 15 months old on the day of the test.
        The dog will complete the Control Section course set out for Level 1 entrants. Judges shall mark this round relevant to the dog’s age, remembering this test is designed to encourage future participation in Draught work.  

        First drafting test was in the last  century–on August 8th,  1998.  Few dogs participated and passed 1st level. First level was not so complicated  and included several simple positions like to  wait in stand for10 sec or one minute sit/stand/down  staying   with  handler two meters away etc.  

     First leo-participants were Kernow Kumquat Mae for Jaybiem, Manoguard Fashion Queen,  Rossnick Just the Job, Debbollinby Josefina and Tillion Tawny Typhoon.


Kernow Kumquat Mae for Jaybiem (JoJo) (f)  Born: 10.11. 1995  Zeldas Don Juan (M)  х  Pilgrimstars Wayfarer at Kernow (F), owner A.T. & D. Brown

Manorguard Fashion Queen  (Ella) Born: 1810. 1995 Sund Stamm's Design of Golden Art (M) х Manorguard Amy (F) owner Mr & Mrs J. Elligott

Rossnick Just the Job   (Tsagan)(m)Born: 08.09. 1991 Normanscourt Alfred of Rossnick (M) х Rossnick Eva Maria (F) owner Mr & Mrs L. Gray

Debbollinby Josefina (Megan) Born: 05.01. 1997  Velvet Viking at Vannroy (M) х Kernow Kumquat Mae for Jaybiem (F) owner Mr & Mrs G. & J. Rothery

Tillion Tawny Typhoon (Tseba) Born: 14.04.1994  Sir Loric Kefalot of Pelgrims Ring (M) х Lady Rainbow Dancer of Pelgrims Ring (F)  Mr & Mrs L. Gray


        But since that time many Leonbergers joined carting sport and qty of levels increased to 5, where Leos should   be at least 30 months old on the day of the test ( dogs aged 8 years and over on the day of the test cannot enter): one minute halt and stand stay with  handler 3 meters away, 3 waits in stand for 20 seconds each,  one random, unexpected wait in stand during normal pace,  reasonably straight "reverse" of two meters,  recall from 10 meters  to side or front etc etc.

         Today many of them  reached and 2nd and 3d levels. Some of them reached 4th (Silver) level.

      We think that currently four  Leos  have passed  level 5, but only 2 have done it twice. When Hera (Jantonely Fatal Attraction) passes a 3rd time she will be either the first or one of the first Leo's to be a carting champion.
We are hoping she can have a go at another level 5 test later this year or in the spring next year. And we wish her good luck!   

The best results (as far as we know – if not so – please inform us) were reached by four UK Leos -   two leonbergers of D. Guy-Halke, one from Abbott Glenkays and one from Carolyn Griffiths. Only a handful dogs have achieved level 5 in the history of the tests – in May2012 (They started their 1st level in 2007 ).


Ausbodeb Family

         Ausboden Maclura  (Bryson), male,  born 27.05. 2005  (Numphra Knotta Nuvva Won at Ausboden x  Bellete Du Mont Kailasa von Ausboden)            Glenkays Master Quinnan  ( Quinnan ), male, born owned by C Abbott Glenkays        Ausboden Manettia (Georgia), female,  born   27.05.2005   ( Numphra Knotta Nuvva Won at Ausboden Bellete Du Mont Kailasa von Ausboden )
           Jantonely Fatal Attraction ( Hera), female, born 23.09.2007 ( Caspar H. Bora z Miloticek at Jantonely  x Jantonely Cheeky Monkey owned by Mrs T Griffiths 


       But best of best are the  dogs who reached 5th level twice. We think these are Jantonely Fatal Attraction   ( Hera) and Glenkays Master Quinnan ( Quinnan ). They took their level 5 test at the same time  in February and April 2013. Quinnan and Hera are the only Leo's to have passed level 5 more than once. But we hope to make separate Simple Story about them at our web a bit later!

But before test there are a lot of work, when training Saturdays or Sundays come. You can judge  simply  increasing the photos

A lot of thanks to John Tyler from UK  for his tremendous work in this direction     http://www.wet-leos.co.uk/

                                       Susie continues to tell:

«At the lower levels the dog(s) are on leash. The next level has them off leash and only controlled by voice commands. The top level has the human controlling the dog while riding in the cart. There are individual dog carting competitions and dog team competitions. The dog(s) must complete a series of exercises, some being based upon dog obedience exercises, and some geared to dog carting for practical uses such as going through gates and over bridges.   As for Leos - there are certain procedures and rules to follow if you wish to participate in competition.

     In UK and  America this  sport is developed - with their competitions and championships, rules, titles, rewards, judges ... So do not be discouraged if your Leo will not be world champion in beauty. He has lots of other opportunities to prove himself! It is carting competitions!

    At each show in this competition - in UK for example - your Leo should gather agreed qty or points. There are special requirements for narrows and carts. For example  if the cart is loaded incorrectly - all the weight may be on the dog so care must be taken to balance the load so that no weight is on the dog.

       There are Judges, referees, stewards and test managers with their responsibilities. The Judges check your equipment and if the harness is not on properly and the dog is not safely attached to the cart, you will not be allowed to continue.”

    Very  strict requirements to harness  -  it is first and foremost, the most crucial part of safety in dog drafting -  and  its  components like draft harness  ( this resembles the draft rigs normally seen on horses),  large padded collar, leather or nylon  straps, different  siwash, traces and reins etc. Everything is aimed for free motion of the dog’s shoulders or legs.

     Shafts demand special attention:  these are rigid poles positioned parallel on either side of the dog.  They not only keep the dog in place and pulling straight, but act as the steering component as well, moving the cart right or left with the dog.  Shafts also act as brakes, and automatically stop the cart or wagon from running over the dog when the vehicle is going down hill or comes to a halt.

  You and you leo should have  Basic Preparation which consists of more that 20 points

 You need to show that the dog is ready and willing to work, the harness goes on correctly and with ease.

 You both should be a single whole: any command whether it is turn left or giddy up, stay or halt should  be quick in the uptake».

   Besides there is a list of special draught  equipment (gate and stop box,  funnel and ramps, chicane, kerbs,  weaves etc etc)  for executing tests,  each of which have  also  separate requirements and has description in Draught Test Regulations.

   In order not to weary you  with all 46 reasonable  pages of UK Draught Test Regulations  one can read  without taking a breath we must say that Carting is the great science which demands energies, persistence, diligence and much time! You cannot simply put on your Leo  any harness and fulfill the test!

Two  best malles from Lowenhohle and Susie 

Ch Aceca Solid Gold Easy Action For Lowenhohle ShCM (FozzieBear)

Clydebrae Rich & Handsome At Lowenhohle (MojoLion)


       And if everything is correct and your team did everything successfully – you and Leo  can earn  some important  titles.  In USA there are 8 main titles, which can be used as abbreviation after the registered name – from Novice and Brace Draft Dog to Brace Novice/Open Draft Dog Veteran with special Certificate.  In UK - another form


LCA Certificate


A lot of thanks  for support  to

 Susie Jamp  www.lowenhohle.co.uk 

Her personal page in Facebook 


Group page is  https://www.facebook.com/groups/167019083316745/?fref=ts 


Shanon White   http://www.leonberger-u.org/lcacourses/mod/page/view.php?id=179


John McRae  http://www.leonberger-u.org/lcacourses/mod/page/view.php?id=144


Leonberger University from USA - http://www.leonberger-u.org/

Part 1 see here

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