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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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Dear friends!

We are happy to inform you, that our regular Photo Competition  has started today! It will last till the 1st of December 2013. The results will be summed up at the beginning of January, 2014. The same way as in all dog shows we’ll have 4 finalists  placed from 1st to  4th.  Final results will depend on the amount of points each competitor collects. And certainly Eremey will offer his own prizes in special nominations! We are still thinking over the topics for nominations, but of course, such nominations as, for example, «The Most Funny Incident” and “Leos in Motion” will by all means be preserved. So, as it goes, grab your camera and seize the moment! 

Simply registrate  (upper right corner of main page)  and you can immediatelly input photos with funny inscriptions! Do not hesitate to vote for others if you like!

And now about the name of this round of Competition... We wanted to find a proper topic which wouldn’t limit the flight of your fancy, but on the other hand, would create the correct trend. As the last round of the Photo Competition showed, every leo-owner perceives his dog in his own way. So in spite of the fact that the theme of the last round was «The most funny leo-photo”, along with funny leonberger photos we received a great number of very touching and lyrical ones, which we liked very much! So this time we decided that the topic of the Competition will sound something like “THESE AMUSING LEONBERGERS!”  We think that this topic will suit both “humorists” and “romantics”. The main thing is, that your photos should be original, amusing and full of love to our favorite breed!


The winners of  the previous  Photo Competitions  !

( Jaroslava Smrhova, Chezh - 129 Your votes)  Our First meal without Fara Our mom  Who Can rest now ( Isabelle Disneur, Belgium - 124 Your votes)    It's a Dog's life      ( Jane Wilson,  France - 119 Your votes) Yeah, we bring the frisbee! (Good people,   give sustenance to whom much is not sorry!)     ( Annette Kühne, Switzerland - 118 Your votes ) Life is real fun! (Day "indiscriminate" disobedience)               ( Valérie Lechanteux, France   - 110 Your votes) Teamwork ( Merit Aumre, LeoMAA'EST, Estonia - 107 Your votes  )




1 place - Lupacova Marie (Czech Republic) with her 2 photos, which have collected maximum points and made her an indisputable leader of the Contest!

2 place Maija Kalnberza (Latvia)  with one of the funniest photos of the Contest!

86 points "Sleeping"  

74 points "Friends" 

71 point "I like snow!" 


3 place Lucie Perron (Canada) with 2 of her 7 wonderful  "puppy photos"! (you can see more of her photos as the winners in other nominations!)

4 place Perkko Andersson(Finland ) with the most amazing photo of the Contest!

67 points "Puppy puzzle"

65 points "Snow inn"

65 points "A real Lion amongst Leos"

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