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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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In memory of Bruce


We told this story a year ago. Now Bruce has gone - and we want to repeat it  once again in his meory

Bruce's story told by himself

My human   mama and papa have always dreamed of a big dog, but to start it at their apartment was not easy.
Finally they  bought a house in the suburbs   with wonderful cat  (woof!)  as a dowry - a real “man and owner of  our estate”. Than  in the spring they  decided to take a  dog puppy.
    But fate decreed otherwise. Early in the spring the cat died and a week after the tragedy  a homeless  strange puppy ran  through the gate to their yard as if he was afraid of something or somebody  and did not want to leave. It was a small teddy bear with white necktie, and they called him The bear.

But this “foundling” was hunter at heart:

The  lawn and garden became like a war zone - all in the "funnel" and "trenches".
Well step is the hardest - the beginning of where one is there is two of them.
Mama and papa  have reviewed a lot of information about the different breeds of dogs, their behavior,
and understood  that they  only need ME -  Leonberger. So they were the pioneers as
this breed was virtually unknown in Ukraine
and in the summer  2009 they  brought  me from Moscow, from  Russian kennel  Rua Solei.
That is how I -  Bruce (as in passport Rua Solei Besa me mucho) appeared in this house
Well after  that all as expected -  the sleepless nights with feeding every three hours, gnawed chairs and  bedside tables, “holiday”  for transition to four times a day feeding, the school, the first dog shows... I am so sorry that I gave a lot of troubles to my “parents”.
I  grew up a lively and sociable dog  (as a great secret -  faithful friend and  reliable protector – as they used to say to their friends)
I  dearly love my little friend - a kitty Nusja 
and we are Friends do not pour water with Misha.
Bruce  help as I can  to educate parent’s  grandson  and fully live up to my name: Besa me mucho  means  “Kiss me stronger”.

                  But the most favorite pastime for  me - riding by car – I am even willing to live in my favorite booth on wheels. And swimming! Swimming! Swimming!


I am  proud and  happy that together with parents  we brought in a modest contribution to the popularization of this beautiful breed in Ukraine. Besides I am the  first Leonberger-interchampion in Ukraine:  I am certainly proud but not conceited.
In  spring I  celebrated my fourth birthday – it  is a mature age.            

Some photos from my show carrier!!!

First Award in life!!!

Before ring


I was prepared for shows like this! Tired! Horror!


Bruce with sisters - Wanda and Jina

During these four years I  came a long way of life: a bit of traveling to different countries with participation at different shows. I learned love and disappointment as real “man”. I also was
closely involved in the issue of procreation  and grew beautiful puppies – first from Rua Soleil Vasilisa  Wise in Ukraine, second – in Russia from Veliia Leon. So many cases, and the time flies so fast.
It seems  that only yesterday parents brought home a little smart, funny red ball. But  now  as they used to say – “Our sweet and gentle lion  give us  hugs and kisses and  joyfully welcoming every morning”.  I am proud!

 I am very pleased that my breed  is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine.
I got acquainted already with some males and females  from  Kiev   - from the  first  registered Leonberger kennel – Zhoryaniy  Chaklun,( which means Star Mage ) (http://www.chaklun.com.ua/).

 This kennel  is already well-established but deserves a separate story.

That is all.

                                                       Well, yours truly RUA SOLEIL BESO ME MUCHO.

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