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Inter, Ch. RKF, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ch & Grand Ch Ukraine and Belorussia, Balkan Grand Ch., Leonberger of the 2008 year  in Russia,  Champion of Federations ОАНКОО, РФЛС, РФСС, 15хВОВ, 5хСАСIВ,  6хRCACIB

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Simple stories N 8 - Leon-Amigo - Russian Leon



“Our motto is - not quantity but quality!” – Dina’s slogan.

Dina  Mahminova, the former leader of Leonberger section in   club MOOLZh " Amigo” (in Podolsk town which is close to Moscow),  is not only a good breeder from 1995,  who has raised a lot of  deserving dogs. She is also a well-known groomer, photographer,  painter.  But let’s tell you one after another.  Let us  pledge her word.

  “The dream about big dog was   born together  with me. I dragged my "poor" parents  to all  dog shows being a 6 years old girl always adhering to only one request: "Well, let's buy a dog ..." It was my  every-night  tale that I tried to persuade my father   as the  head  and decision-maker of the family. Naturally they told to me, "You are still small - grow up a little bit ..." But constant dropping wears away the stone and in the second grade my dream was  almost realized - a funny little lop-eared puppy name Fenka appeared at our house.

   I grew up, departed from my  parents' house. Then institute, marriage, work. But  due to the circumstances I returned to my native Podolsk and had thrown up  my beloved work of advertising designer.The idea about dog  never threw me over.

Time passed, and somehow, in a conversation with a friend who worked as veterinarian, I accidentally made a slip - "I like Leonbergers, but I think  they are no them in Russia…"  But she  answered - "Why not? My friend has two females, if you want, I'll introduce you! " Still I would not want to!  Literally the same day I saw alive  Leonbergers and  agreed to buy a puppy. It was in 1995.

Then a six year old female, whom I named  Zlata (Golden) Sherry, appeared at my home.

Sherry was the first Leonberger in  Podolsk. I joined   club MOOLZh " Amigo" with her in 1997, when the first time  I decided to get her offspring. Puppies were born in a difficult 1998, when Russia was covered by default. The breed was virtually unknown at that time and   litter "stayed too long". From 8 puppies was left only one - Tosha (according to the documents Harold) and I breathed a sigh of relief. Tosha was my favorite since birth - cheeky, hard, bright - he stood out from the flock of  other wild puppies. But I did not plan  to reserve  male for me.                

                                                       Zlata     &  Harold            

From this first litter I arranged  leonberger section in 1998  in club MOOLZh " Amigo", which continues till today.  I was the leader of this section till 2008. Since 2009 the leader of this section is our  Danilekno V.N. In order to  orient better in the breed,  in dogs origin  I began to collect catalogs from dhows,  started a book in which  I note all the information about litters,  fixed all I could find  asking breeders. At that time I got acquaintance  with Elena Zaretskaya, who became my mentor and advisor. Her kennel "Fazar" was widely known among lovers of the breed. We  deal with her and are  friends so far.
Some dogs from our club.

Forest-Magic Grana


Urban-Craft Berg

Nordish Novella


Magia Margo


From these records  I started Leonberger’s database from 1989 till  present days, though due to increased  significantly livestock in Russia it became  a little more difficult.  There are a lot of imported dogs! But I try to continue.

Besides  Leonbergers I have other hobbies – riding  and dressage,  growing  bonsai  (I have two trees that are more than 15 years)".

    Besides Dina is a wonderful photographer – she never parts with the camera which helps her sometimes to replace pencil and paper!

   Also Dina has been  drawing  and painting since  her childhood  and Leonbergers are  often her  models.

Job searching eventually led her  to the profession  of Groomer. For more than 15 years  she creates so called   "alive sculptures" cutting dogs. It is also a kind of the art!

   "Now I have  the third Leonberger - the great-great-great-granddaughter of my Zlata Sherry - Grana, who was born in the kennel "Magic Forest" in Veliky Novgorod,  - Dina continues. -  She has a very affectionate nature, I indulge her a  little , but she is still young and very funny dog!  Sometimes we go to shows  and last year she had her first puppies, who will have the  prefix "Dzhubatus," which  means in Latin   "having a mane." This prefix Dina  registrated in 2011

Forest Majic Grana Dina and Harold

      So generation  of Podolsk dogs continues!

Thanks to enthusiasts of the breed  together with kennels "Golden Fazar" and "Ratybor" Dina  created   in 2004 the  first DVD-Video about Leonbergers in Russia  which  helps new owners and breeders to  understand better    their wonderful character and  cheerful disposition, as well as tells  about the features of the maintenance and care .

" We only use in breeding dogs with a strong and balanced nervous system, the puppies are tested and  behave well in all situations  to say nothing about  guarding  their owners. - She says. - Not more than  2 litters   per year are born in the club,  but each dog grow up to become champions and continue the glorious race Leonberger.

Dina was the winner of our first  international photocontest at www.leonberger.su in 2009!

Web-site of the  kennel Leon-Amigo

Grooming saloon in Podolsk

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