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 In commemoration of our friend - Berner Sennenhund Eremey, who "made  a suggestion" to make this topic!


 Eremey (Jeremiah)  is a Russian  male  personal name of Hebrew origin. It is a Russified form of the name that belongs to the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, and it means "Ascension (God) Yahweh". Other possible interpretations - "God is exalted", "Height of God", "God exalted".     This name was widely used in Russian folk culture. A lot of Russian  sayings and proverbs use this name, and a lot of Russian eminent people were named Eremey too.  This name and its forms gave rise to many Russian surnames.     The main features of people with this name are heroism,  hard-working, intelligence, judgment, self-discipline and patience, self-dependence etc.  Like an ancient Russian hero (warrior) on the picture of the famous Russian painter Viktor Vasnetsov ("Powerful gallop", 1914 )
    “Beautiful and stern warrior. It's a real Russian hero. He is not even afraid of hordes of enemies - let them shake and tremble! Proudly and carefully he looks around the endless expanses of the homeland, he is willing to stand up for his people at the first sign of danger and to protect the weak and  uphold justice, when it is needed.
   And we think that dogs named like that possess all those features too as there is nothing surprising in the fact that dogs are sometimes called Eremey.
      So how many dogs Eremeys are there in Russia? We think a lot. We tried to check  as many Russian Internet resources, owners and breed kennels, all possible breeds  - about 400 recognized by FCI,  trying  to find as many currently alive dogs  as possible! 

    We failed to find such rare breeds as Sloughi or Prague Ratter, Harrier or Epagneul Breton. But rare Bauceron or Greyhund we found in Russia!

                         Hope it will be funny and interesting!



Eremeys   -    several stray dogs and dogs from shelters

They are waiting for you - Eremey & dogs from shelter

New addition from Russian Forum


Eremeys   -    pedigree dogs 


Sunrise Dragon Erema - Pekingese Nois-Epokha Eremey - Mittelschnauzer Dorsdorf Eremey Velikan - Dogue de Bordeaux Mastiff  Erema Vostochnoevropeiskaya Ovcharka   Erema

Eremey - Berner Sennenhund

Eremeya  (Aphina) - American Bulldog Eremey Nash Otvet Chamberlenu - Bulldog Eremey Milena - Russky Cherny Terrier Eremey Bogatur s Vasilyevskogo Ostrova  - Russky Cherny Terrier
Eremey Rudkuz - Chow Сhow Zvezdny Lev Eremey and Fantasia - Chinese Crested Dog Chihuahua Shakh-Arpilin  Eremey-gnomik Eremey - Sredneasiatskaja Ovcharka
Eremey - Sredneasiatskaja Ovcharka 

Bullmastiff Bull Strong  Eremey Eremey iz Poselka Sokol - Leonberger Fearless Chihuahua Eremey Foxterrier Staning Lux Eremey Eremey - German Shepherd Dog

Mastino Napolitano Eremey

Comondor Boyarin Eremey Eremeya Micky Skazka Nebes - Yorkshire Terrier
Eremey z Donskoy Zemli - St.Bernhardhund
Duchshund Dvinskie Zori Eremey
German Shepherd Boevina's Bu Maltor & his son Eremey Mastiff Eremey Mastiff Eremey Italian Cane Corso Eremey Deo Volonte Labrador Retriever Znatny Barin Eremey
Rottweiler Eremey Rhodesian Ridgeback Jeremyred Rakhimdzhan Eremey Mastino Napolitano Eremey Malinua Eremey Ardges
Great Dane Luisador Eremey Vincent Scottish Terrier Moe Ocharovanie Eremey Shar Pei Eksotic Star Eremey St.Bernhardhund Eremey Siberian Husky Eremey King of lay

Shar Pei Eremey ( Rem ) Siberian Husky Eremey s Akulovoi Gori Yorkshire Terrier Eremey and his owner - popular Russian comic actor A.Peskov Yagd Terrier Eremey from Tumen Dwarf Pinscher Eremey
Bradly Bo Eremey - Dobermann
Eremey s Musa Hersones - Dobermann
Eremey z Donskoy Zemli - St.Bernhardhund
Eremey s Volshebnogo lesa - Irish Wolfhound Favorit Elen Eremey Great Dane
Eremey Aglar - American Staffordshire  Terrier
Korolevskaya Zabava Eremey - Mops (Carlin Pug)
Labrador Eremey - dog-guider from Tuva Bayrak Aiskaz Eremey - Kavkazskaja Ovcharka
Mops (Carlin Pug)  Eremey

Eremey Surprise iz Podmoskovya - Labrador Russkaja Psovaja Borzaja Eremey Erema iz Kedrovoi Pjady - Rizhensnautser Staning-Lux Eremey - Fox Terrier Eremey Vincent -  Great Dane
Eremey Rohdon Ugra - Sredneasiatskaja Ovcharka

Eremey Sozvesdie Malushei - Toy Terrier Krishta Eremey - Komondor Lucky Hunter Eremey - Jack Russel Terrier Ocharovanie Tavridy Eremey Berendeevitch - Russian Toy
Algrand Berni Eremey - Berner Sennenhund
Eremey Golden Line Victoria - Rottweiler Eremey Zolotoy Korol iz Kraya Malakhita (Roma) - Kerry Blue Terrier You Only You Eremeya - American  Hairless Terrier Spitewill Eremey - English  Cocker Spaniel
Shankhaisky Surpriz Eremey - Pekingese Eremey - Duchshund
Favorit Elen Dog Eremey - Great Dane Sibirian Hasky Eremey Chihuahua Show Master Eremey
Scottish  Terrier Moe Ocharovanie Eremey Sher Erema - Toy Terrier Jugoria Esaul Eremey - Zwergpinscher
Solitery Star Eremey - Griffon Belge
Beauceron God Bless Tsarevitch Eremey
Farfalla Eremey Charujushi - Dalmatiner Greyhund Gree Malchik Eremey Eremey - Duchshund Russkaja Psovaja Borzaja -  Eremey iz Razdolia


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