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MONUMENTS TO THE DOGS: Leonberger in Leonberg. Monuments in Russia and in the World. Part I



A lot of thanks to our good friend Maria Kerekes and her kennel Sissy-Haus   from Hungary for the idea of this topic! Special regards to Josef!!!

 Probably first leo-monuments have been done in XVIII century


In the  suburb of St. Petersburg  in Russia there is a monument dedicated to the  Kamchatka, beloved sheepdog of Russian Tzar Alexander III. The dog was presented to him by sailors of the cruiser "Africa". During a railway accident in 1888, when the royal family miraculously survived, the dog died. "Do I have  from  surrounding people  at least one disinterested friend? No one can be, but a dog can  and this is  Kamchatka" - sadly wrote Alexander III at the end of life.




          German zoologist Brehm wrote that in comparison with the dog there is no other animal on the whole earth which would enjoy such a well-deserved respect and love from man. The dog is so necessary to man in many of his affairs that sometimes  seems to be a part of him. The dog is almost everywhere, where the person lives, becomes  his protector and helper.  Sometimes  the dog replaces our relatives and loved ones,  becomes a part of us. And we simply have no rights not to  give her or him  the proper portion of respect and gratitude. We set the monuments to poets & writers, artists & politicians, emperors & national heroes, but sometimes forget about those who can not tell us about their exploits, who gratuitously and without asking anything in return, honestly doing their job.    

     And the grateful mankind  put a monument to its most loyal and unselfish friend - the dog. Why do people put  monuments to animals? In appreciation for their love and devotion. Monument to a dog - it's gratitude expressed in stone.   A man tried, try now  and  will try to perpetuate the dog in art, painting, sculpture ..... And sculptured a lot  in different countries - both thoroughbred and the homeless - untill in 2004   the first memorial monument of Leonberger appeared...

                               A short film about the  monuments  to  the dogs 









Togliatty, Russia. Dog named Verny has been waiting his host   for 7 years on the same place!!!

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 See   film

St.Bernard Barry in Paris, France with inscription:" He saved forty people but was killed by forty first'

Monument to mongrel named Malchik in Moscow subway


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Laika - Russian first space dog - died in space


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Legendary  Hachiko, Akita in Japanese Odate. He was waiting for his dead host at railwaystation Shibuia for 7 years!!!

Russian poet Nikolay  Nekrasov and his famous dog Kado


NEW ADDITIONS FROM OUR READERS from 19.10.2013  - thank you very much for those who have send us new monuments - we will input them later to main table

Lessy, Bucks County, Pensylvania, USA    

First Dog’s Church monuments, Vermont, USA           

Dogny, a Search and Rescue Dog, 245 Park Avenue, Georgia,  USA  

Dog with torch, Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic 

Mascot, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

Sandy, Betul, Madge Pradesh, India 

Canary dogs, Las Palmas, Canary islands, Spain 

Fred,  Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama, USA

Police dog, 1995, Kelly Ingram Park,  Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Norma “Happy Dog”, 2003,  Warsaw, Poland

Bremen musicians, Riga, Latvia 

Zhu-Zhu, Sheep dog, Lisbon, Portugal 

Rambo, Sheep Dog, Riga, Latvia

Very small dog

K-9 Search Dogs in honor of 11 September events, Beautiful Joe Park Medford Ontario, USA




( we tried to gather as many as possible - your comments,  mistakes  or  misprints being found, misunderstanding are welcome! )

 In order to see the picture  - click to the icon

( more  detailed  information  anyone  can  find in  internet  )

Ailei, Sky-Terrier (beloved dog of Quinn Victoria), Sidney, Australia

Akita’s family, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

American idyll, 2003, Brookline, MetroTech Center,  USA

Antey, Search dog, Novosibirsk, Russia

Artemida with dog, Melbourne, Australia

Arson dogs "From Ashes to Answers," by Austin Weishel, honors arson dogs and their partners, York City’s Fire Museum,  USA

А lady  with a dog, 1911 Hamburg,Germany  

Abe, San-Diego, USA

Alkiviad’s dog, Britain Museum, London, UK

Bad Dog,  a 24-foot-tall creation by sculptor Richard Jackson, Orange County Museum of Art

Bad Ischi, Kaiser villa, Austria

Bamse, St. Bernard, Norway

Banhar, Mongolia

Baster, Spaniel, (bas-relief), London, UK

Balto, 1925,sled dog Husky, Central Park, NY, USA

Beam, after the novel of G.Troepolsky "White Beam Black Ear", Voronezh, Russia

Beautiful Joe, Bull-terrier & Terrier crossbreed, Mumford, Ontario, USA

Belka & Strelka (Stuffed Animals)

Benik (and his inseparable friend - the cat Steputch), Miniature Pincher, Kurkino Animals Memorial, Moscow, Russia 

Bessy, fire-dog, USA

Big Chief, fire-dog,  Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA

Bismarck’s dog, Berlin, Germany

Bird Dog Field Trial Hall of Fame, Bullock County, Alabama, USA. Since the 1920s, people  have held bird dog competitions to gauge a hunting dog’s ability to locate and point out quail. In 1996  the town of Union Springs erected a statue.

Billy, Balmoral, Victoria, Australia

Black Prince, 1851, Rhode Island Zoo, USA

Bobbie the Wonder Dog, Oregon, Portland, USA

Bobby, Sky Terrier, Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been waiting  his dead host for 14 years and died at his grave!!!

Bobka,  Bobino village, Russia

Bondy, English Bulldog, Knysna, Western Cape Province, South Africa

Borovsk, Moscow Region, Russia

Brooklin's flock, Brooklin,  USA

Brussels burgomaster and stray dog, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, National Park, Belgium Брюссель

Bull Dog, St-Petersburg, Russia 

Bum, 2007, Spaniel & St. Bernard crossbreed, Island Avenue,  San Diego

Brown Dog affair - a political controversy about vivisection that raged in Edwardian England in 1903 untill 1910

Brown Dog New, 1985, Battersea Park, UK

Bashaw, (1831), Newfoundland,  England

Bluff, Australian War Dog Memorial, Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Blundon, Glenwood Cemetery, Washington USA

Blading, Utah, USA

Blannen Theis, Grevenmakher, Luxemburg

Bobik, Eskimo dog, Bobrino village, Kirovsky  region, Russia

Bedd Ci Portmeirion  Dog's Grave, workshop dog

Bummer and Lazarus, plaque, Transamerica Redwood Park, San Francisco, USA

Bob the Railway Dog   ("Terowie  Bob" ), German Coolie/Smithfield Cross, South Australia

Burn famous dog, is a symbol of the twin ship of that city and Edinburgh, Kings Stables Road, San Diego

Caesar, (1914),  Wire Fox Terrier owned by King Edward VII

Caesar, Rottweiler, Sumy, Ukraine

Cane Tago (1977), German hound, Bologna, Italy

Canelo in Cadiz, Spain 

Carlo, Setter, The dog stone, Mynydd  Varteg Fawr, UK

Catatau, University of Santa-Catharina, Florianopolis, Brazil

Chapell, Henry’s VII dog, Westminster Abbey, London, UK

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republik

Chaw-Chaw and Riga’s Major, Riga, Latvia 

Clark’s dog, Meriwether Lewis, США

Chip, police service dog, Hope, Canada

Coon Dog Cemetery 

Corgi of Quinn Elizabeth 2, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Dachshund in Ivanovo, Russia

Dachshund, Zelenogorsk, Leningradsky region, Russia   

Dachshund, Odessa, Ukraine

Dachshund, St. Petersburg University, Russia

Dachshund-bench in Sochi, Russia 

Dachshunds, A. Chekhov’s Museum, Melihovo, Russia

Dalmatian fire dog 1 and 2    

Daniel Bun & his dogs, Bun, North Caroline, USA

Demolition dogs, Volgograd, Russia

Dirty Biter, La Conner, Washington, USA

Doberman memorial "Always faithful", USA

Dobeermans,  Apolda,  Teichgasse strasse, Thuringia, Germany

Dober,  ul. Artema, Kiev, Ukraine

Dog-beggar, Brussels, Belgium

Dog knight Lope Fernandez Pacheco Fernandez, Cathedral, Lisbon, Portugal

Dog with piece of shit, Rotterdam, Holland

Dog’s line, Port Arthur, Russia 

Dogs frontier-guard in Blagoveshensk, Syberia, Russia

Dogs in the garden, Poland

Dogs in love, Krasnodar, Russia 

Dog on the Tuckerbox, SnakeGully, New South Wales, Australia

Dog, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Dog chapel and dog mountain, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, USA

Dogny Art 2002. New York, USA. DOGNY – America’s Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs is a public art initiative commissioned by the American Kennel Club to honor the search and rescue dogs involved in post-September 11th operations

Doira, Search dog,  Karelia, Russia

Drum Dogs  sculpture, Kaliningrad, Russia

Druzhok, Kostroma, Russia
Dzok, (1991),  mongrel dog, Krakow, Poland

Elga, German shepherd explosive ordnance dog,  Grozny, Chechnya, Russia

English Bull-Dog, Kasley, Chelyabinsk region, Russia

English Pointer, 1996, Union-Springs, Alabama, USA

Enny, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Enos Mills and Scotch, Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Faithful friend monument, Torun, Poland 

Fan-Fan, Dachshund, Kiev, Ukraine

Fido, mixed-breed dog, Florence, Italy

Filus, fictional dog by cartoonist Z. Lengren, Torun, Poland

First Museum of the Dogs,  St.Louis, MO,  USA   

Frantz Ferdinand’s dogs, Konopiste, Benesov, Czech Republic

Freedom (Svoboda), Golden Retriever, Rapid-City, South Dakota, USA 

Friday,  J. McKenzie’s dog, Scottish Collie,  Lake-Tekapo, New Zealand 

Friends, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Frontier dog, Moscow underground, Revolution Square station, Moscow, Russia

Front-line dog, opened 2013,  Poklonnaya  Gora, Moscow, Russia

Funny dogs – famous people, New Hartford, Connecticut, USA          

Future Pilot, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Gabi, German Shepherd, guard dog,  former Yugoslavia  (now Serbia)

Gavrjusha (2007), stray dog, St Petersburg, Russia

Gellert, 2011, Halliburton, Ontario, Canada

Gelert, Hound, North Wales
George, (died 29 April 2007), was a Jack Russell Terrier,   New Zealand who was posthumously awarded by Gold Medal in February 2009. He defended children from an attack by two Pit Bulls but subsequently died of his injuries (NO MONUMENT YET )

George Tirebiter,(2006),  USC's old mascot, University of Southern California, USA
Giro, former Nazi embassy grounds, London, UK

Graveyard, Colbert County, Alabama, USA

Great Dane, Savanna, USA 

Greyhound, Radzwill’s dog, Nesvizh, Belorussia

Greyfriars Bobby, Skye Terrier, Edinburgh, Scotland

Greyhound, Westminster Ab., London, UK

Guide dog, German shepherd, hospital park, Finland 

Grinch & his dog Max, the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, Springfield, Massachussetts, USA  

Guide dog, Subway

Guide dog statue. For the Blind Association founded in New Brighton in 1931 

Guffi, Disney's dog, USA

Hachiko, Akita,Shibuya Station Tokyo, Japan

Harawene, Terrier,  Rotorua, New Zealand

Hartsdale Memorial, Nort-Park Avenue, Hartsdale, New Your, USA

Headstones  - do not check  country yet 

Hercules, Fontainebleau, France

Homeless dog, Tyumen, Russia

Homeless purebred dog in  Kemerovo, Kuzbass, Russia

House-spirit - Town Dog (Downier or Goblin),  Dayton-Beach, Florida, USA

Hoover Dam, Arizona, US

Hunting Dog, Knoхwillе, Tennessee, USA

Hunting for Raccoons dog, Alabama, USA

Huntaway’s Monument (New-Zealand Sheepdog), New-Zealand

Ibitsa, Spain 

Indus, crossbreed dog, Vladivostok, Russia 

Irish wolfhound, Memorial Liam O’Loinsigh, Krokhan, Ireland  

Iron Dog Newfoundland, Hollywood cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Jane, Rottweiler, Kurkino Animals Memorial, Moscow, Russia

Japan - monument to the dogs died in Antarctic expeditions  

Jim the Wonder Dog,   black & white Setter, dog-polyglot, Louisiana, USA
Jerry Charles  Wicksteed’s  constant companion. This statue can be seen in the gardens at Wicksteed Park, UK 
Joe, mongrel dog, Memforde, Ontario (hero of novel “Beautiful Joe” by M. Marshall
Jock of the Bushveld,  Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bushveld, South Africa

Jonny Morehouse Dog, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Judy, English Pointer, Tanganyika Lake, Africa

Jury Nikulin' dog, Russian famous comic actor’s grave, Moscow, Russia

Just, Great Dane, Cape Town, South Africa

Kangal, Turkey

Kiev town, Ukraine


Kashtanka, after novel of  Russian novelist A. Chekhov, Taganrog, Russia

Kelpie, Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Kind mongrel  dog,Pioneer Park. St-Petersburg, Russia 

Klyaksa and Russian  famous clown of last century Karandash, Gomel, Ukraine  

Kompira’s Temple Dogs, Kotokhira, Kagawa, Sikoku, Japan 

Kwinsland Memorial, 2001, Alexandra Headland, Australia

Las-Palmas de Grand Canaria, St.Ann's square Spain 

Labrador and Newfaoundlend Tan, Sent Jones bay, Canada

Lady Boy, Airedale terrier, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, USA

Lampo, Lightning (Etruscan traveler), Campiglia Marittima, Toscana, Livorno, Italy 

Legedsino, Service, utility dogs, Legedzino, Cherkassy region, Ukraine 

Leo, Amsterdam, Holland

Loving dogs, reconciliation bench, Vidnoe, Moscow Region, Russia

Luat, Sheepdog, R.Burns’ dog, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

Maida, Deerhound, beloved W. Scott dog, Edinburg, Scotland 

Mancs,Germ. Shepherd Dog,rescue dog, Miskolc, Hungary

 Man's best friend, Leninsky pr.3 Moscow, Russia

 Masserfene Wolfhound, castle Antrim N Ireland

 Matey, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

 Max, 2003, Linz village, Holland 

Med and Abraham Lincoln, Hodzhenwill, Kentucky, USA 

Memorial to lord Byron’s Dog, Boatswain, Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, UK

Military Dogs Memorial, Illinois, USA

Monti, Labrador, Queensland, Australia

Monument honors the dogs of war,   A conceptual drawing of the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National  Monument, Los Angeles, USA

 Monument, castle Konopiste, Czech Republic

 Monument, Streamwood, Chicago, USA

 Mops, Vinnentale, Austria

Mou-Mou from the novel of Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, St-Petersburg, Russia
Mou-Mou  from  the novel of Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev,  Honfleur, France

Murray Fellahill (Falla), Scotch terrier, dog of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Washington, USA

Museon Park, Moscow, Russia

Napoli, Caserta, fountain Atteone, Italy

Nevado, Mucushies dog given to Simon Bolivar, Merida, Venezuela 

Nevado and Tinja –the guide

Newfoundland  in Perm town, Russia 

Newfoundland, wooden sculpture, USA

Newsboy Statue, 1897, Belle Isle, Detroit,  Michigan, USA

Niasvizh Dog, beagle hound,  Niasvizh castle, Poland 

Nipper (1895), a dog who served as the model for a painting titled His Master's Voice. This image was the basis for the dog and gramophone logo used by several audio recording and associated brands, Broadway in Albany, New York, USA

Nobl, Scottish Collie, Ballmoral,Aberdeenshire, Scotland

No name, Borovsk, Moscow Region, Russia

No name,  National Park, Belgium 

No name, Tverskaya avenue, shop “Three Fat Men”,  Moscow, Russia

No name – Cafe “Sakvoyage…. “ ul  B. Konnushennaya, St Petersburg, Russia 

No name Dog, London, UK

 No name Dog, Singapore, sculpture by Chern Lian Shan at Singapore River walk

No name Dog, Memorial Garden, New York, USA

No name Dog, Antwerpen, Belgium

No name Dog, Vologda, Russia

No name Dog Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia

No name Dantsig dog, Gdansk, Poland 

No name dog, Amsterdam, Holland

No name dog, Pontassieve, Florence, Italy

No-name dog, tomb Luke, Italy

No name other monuments  - did not find  country yet                

Nord, Husky, Evenkia, Russia

Old Drum,  Johnson County Courthouse, Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

Old Eiler, Matson, Texas, USA

Owney (stuffed animal, 1897),  stray mixed-breed Terrier, The National Postal Museum,  Union Station in Washington, D.C., USA 

Paddy the Wanderer, London, UK

Pat, Pit-Bull, Prime-Minister McKenzie’s dog, Ottawa, Canada

Patsy Ann, Bull Terrier, Juno, Alaska, USA

Pavlov dog, Moscow, Russia

Pavlov dog, Moscow, Russia

Police K-9 Memorial, Arizona, USA 

Peluso, stray dog, Mexico

Peritas, favorite Greyhound of Alexander the Great

Pest’s embankment, Budapest, Hungary 

Phuket, Paton, Thailand 

Pissing dog, wood 

Pissing dog, Moscow, Russia

Pissing Mastino Napolitano

Pissing dog, Panevezhis, Lithuania

Pluto, Disney's dog, USA

Police dog, USA

Pompeii,  Italy  

Pompey, Wilhelm Oransky’s dog, Delft, Holland

Poodle, Gomel, Ukraine

Puppy & boy, Anderson, South Caroline, USA

Rebel, Curtis W. Mewbourne dog, Louisiana, USA

Red Dog (Pilbara) (1979), Kelpie/cattle dog, Pilbara region, Australia

Ribsy, 1995, Grand Park in Portland, Oregon, USA

Richmond’s White Greyhound, Queue Garden, London, UK

Robidu’s dogs, 2010, Delta, Utah, USA

Rothay Monument (Russian novelist), Anadyr, Russia

Rottweiler, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Ruswarp, Border Collie, Garsdale railway station Cumbria,  England

Saint Rochus & his dog, Prague, Czech Republic

Samson, Yorkshire terrier, Englewood, Colorado, USA

Sanitary dog 

Scott’s memorial, New York, USA

Seaman, Newfoundland, Kansas-City, Missouri, USA  

Sharik, Matroskin and Pechkin – characters from Russian animated cartoon “Three from Prostokvashino”, Kolpino, St-Petersburg, Russia

Shep, Fort Benton, Montana, USA  

Shepherd and his dog, Germany

Shepherd, Novosibirsk, Syberia,Russia

Shtutsel, Germany So that’s what it’s all about!  Resort Tabarts, castle Vintershtein,  Thuringia, Germany

Siro & Merylin, Ака и Zamami islands, Okinawa, Japan   

Sissy & her Leonbergers, Wien, Austria

Skier & his dog, Oslo, Norway 

Sled dog, Anchorage, USA

Solly, Bull-Terrier, state Pennsylvanian talisman, Pennsylvania, USA

Soter & other 49 dogs, Corinth castle defenders in IV century, Greece

St. Rochus’s Dog Fountain, Flandreau, Belgium

Stephanos,  (ancient Greece), Termessos, Turkey

Stray Barcelona dog,Barcelona, Spain

Stray dog, Kemerovo, Russia

Sultan, Rottweiler, farmstead Marfino, Moscow Region, Russia

Swansea Jack, Black Retriever, South Wales, UK

Tan, Newfoundland, St. Jones bay, Canada 

Taro & Jiro, Husky sled dogs, dogs thrown to the Pole of Cold, Japan

Tarzan, English Bulldog,  the official mascot of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto-Rico

Terioki, Dachshund, Zelenogorsk, Leningradsky region, Russia

The Eavesdropper, a sculpture given to Empress Elizabeth by Queen Victoria, Austria

The Lady with the dog (after novel of Russian novelist A.P. Chekhov), Gomel, Ukraine

The Lady with the dog (after novel of A. Chekhov), London, UK

The Lady with the dog (after novel of A. Chekhov), Astrakhan, Russia 

The Lady with the dog (after novel of A. Chekhov), Penza, Russia

The Lady with the dog (after novel of A. Chekhov), Ramenskoe town, Moscow Region, Russia 

The Lady with the dog (after novel of A. Chekhov), Yalta, Russia

Tip, Collie, National Park District, Central England, UK

Titina, Fox-Terrier of Umberto Nobile – NO MONUMET YET

Tobolsk, Heroes of D. Defoe “Robinson Crusoe” and Eskimo Dog, Tobolsk, Russia

Togo, Sevard-Park, New York, USA

Togo & Balto, Husky sled dogs, Kliwelend Zoo, USA 

Tramp, W. Haggard’s dog, Cheswick, UK

TremseNorwegian coast, Duchshund, Norway

Uglitch monum., highway Uglich-Myshkin, Russia

Ufa monument to Guinea dogs, Ufa town, Russia 

Urbar, Koblents, Germany

Utah Law Enforcement Memorial, Utah, USA

Victorville Garden of Eternal, San Bernardino, California, USA

Waghya,  Chhatrapati Shivaji’s pet dog , Raigad district of Maharashtra, India

Walton Dog ( S. Walton - founder of Wal-Mart), Kingfisher, Oklahoma, USA

 War Dog Memorial was dedicated to the thousands of War Dogs that served during World War I, World War II,  the Korean War,  the Vietnam War,  the Persian Gulf War, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan,  Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, USA

War Dog Monument, Sacrifice Field, National Infantry Museum, Ft. Benning, GA

Watchdog, former prison, Port-Arthur, Russia  

Water-carrier & his dog, Shpalernaya ul.56, St. Petersburg, Russia

Werniks, stray dog,  Kazhimez-Dolny, Poland

White Beam. This monument was inaugurated in 1998 based upon novel of Russian novelist  G.Troepolsky «White Bim Black Ear»

White fang, D. London’s square, Oakland, California, USA 

World War II -   a monument to the dogs who died during the Second World War,  Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Ya-Le,cross breed dog in Sinam, Nakonpatom, Thailand

Yard-keeper & his Dog (2007), Salavat, Bashkiria, Russia 

Zeek,  police dog, wooden statue, Westland, Michigan, USA

Zhasmin hill, Alabama, USA

Zvezdochka-spaceman, (2006), Izhevsk, Russia




     How Leonberger's  monument was done see in Part II


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