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Leonbergers in Austria Австрия


    Our idea - to gather in one resource in each Leo-Link country (constantly shifting ) we will try to input all possible links to Leonberger breed, which can help people to be guided by -  personal webs of breeders,  owners and kennels  existing nowdays or were in the past,  or  web-sites,  which  URL is blocked -"No web-site found".  The reason is that some people did have webs  once, some may have them again in future, some have them but have let them lapse but they may re-activate them  and so on.  As  we  are sure  that each kennel  or breeder made  even small  contribution in expanding breed and should be mentioned.
  Besides we will input  links for health and  Leo working qualities,  unusual and interesting links from Leo-life... etc. So you are welcome to add - lets make this resource full and active!


Aus dem Simbareich
Lowe vom Hummelhouse
Vom Bochkastl Leo Amicus Amatus Ymachri's Millinghof

Ingrid Stiel Riding
Osterreich Leonberger Club
Vom Persailhorn Goldlowe von Tyrol Leonbergers vom Kitzsteinhorn Pro musica
Von der Saualm
Vom Haus Schilling
Vom Taborhof Vom Voralpengebiet Vom Zeilachlehen Vom Kastell Comagenis
Del giardino Degrassi (Smooth Collie)
Vom Hofe Fischelmayer
Vom Gutterfeuerberg Roi de Leon (Roy at) Lowe von Asgard Vom Passengut
Vom Watzekwald
Lowe vom Inntal
Vom Putzschneider
Vom Russenhof Leo vom Chindeberch